Sep 30, 2011

Adventure Updates

Hello Shailors,
We are very excited.  Our Share the Sails are usually only 7 days ... which can be a little rushed.  This Grenadines StS is 10.  Also, it is a one-way charter which allows us to keep the wind aft the beam (in prevailing conditions) and saves us having to beat back to base.  And then there are the boats:  big new 47' Catana Catamarans.  Forget what you know about cruising and other charter cats, these are sporty (I was lucky to get to surf one across the Atlantic a few years ago).

If you'd like to interact with your fellow Shailors, you can leave a comment under one of the posts.

We had our big Pacific NW trip last month and our Catalina Cruiser's Weekend is coming up.  'Tis boatshow season as well.  I start leaning on the Grenadines Share the Sail details in January and February so expect the updates to ramp up then.  Questions?  Best way to reach me is email.

Welcome aboard!


  1. Andrea and I are VERY excited about this trip. We will be flying from the Nashville/Huntsville/Atlanta area.... Would love to see what flights and carriers others are using to get there and back.. THANKS!!

  2. Feel good about getting all flights hotels and even a car the day some of us get back to FDF after the sail is over so I'll have a transportation to check Martinique since if the flight gets in on time there will be lots of time. I'll be at the Hotel Panaramic is anyone needs a ride that day. I get into FDF at 10:20 PM on the 4th so I guess its a cab ride to The Panaramic. So possible share a cab? The whole things sounds amazing since I hav'nt been getting much warm water sailing lately.

    1. Quite a few coming in on the same flight.

      Janet & I are going downtown to Hotel Imperatrice as are another couple.

      I am sure others will be going to Panaramic, so you should have not trouble sharing a cab.

      See you in Martinique.