Aug 1, 2011

We Get Questions ...

Here are some answers:

On the boats:
These are beautiful boats in amazing locations with wonderful people (Lats readers!).  Bring your adventurous and amiable attitudes.  The skipper is responsible for getting the boat in and out of port and taking the helm when near obstructions or other boats.  The rest of the time, you'll be steering, trimming sails, socializing, relaxing - your choice.  Your skipper is also there to get you comfortable with concepts to cruise your own boat - sail trim, boat handling, anchoring, swim-step diving, etc.

Before our adventure begins you'll all receive the What to Bring suggestions (lite clothes and sunblock) and the Crew Questionnaire.  The Questionnaire will get you on a boat with like-minded Shailors.  Before you ask, hard partyers will be on a different boat than reader/nappers.  Most Shailors fall somewhere inbetween.    The funny nature of the magazine tends to get us a funny group of people on StS's.  Small print:  In about 20 Share the Sails, it's never happened but:  if you are a chronic infringer of fellow Shailor bliss, I will remove you and your gear to the nearest shore to fend for yourself.  That reminds me of a quote I heard somewhere, "Attitude, the difference between ordeal and Adventure".  Let's have a great adventure!

Everyone has different tastes in booze.  We put a case of local beer on the boat for starters.  It doesn't usually last long.  Beer and booze are available in the islands or from boat boys.   It's good to purchase a couple bottles of duty free before you board your last flight in. Share, trade or keep it in your stateroom.  Often, the drinkers on the boat will take up a collection or go shop together.

Snorkel and Scuba:
There is snorkeling gear available for free at the base - fins, mask, snorkel.  Some people bring their own mask because it fits better.  Scuba gear will not be allowed onboard the boats - inline with our 'group bliss' policy.  On some islands you can call for a Scuba pick-up.  The dive boat will have all the gear you need and will return you to your yacht later in the day.  We don't do an itinerary so don't pre-book.  Research before you come down or ask the base.  

We put a starter (partial provisioning) food package on the boat.  People love eating ashore in these exotic locals.  It's the best way to get the local flavor.  Often crew's break up into pairs and take cooking duties on nights there are not great dining spots ashore. The pair will pick up local items to add to the provisions and share with their boatmates.  Cooking for all gets you out of dishes.  Otherwise, please don't let others clean up after you.  If you have specific food needs, please bring with you or find ashore.

Specific Islands:
We don't do a fixed itinerary.  We follow a cruising schedule - adjustable from day to day.  We tend to hit an island a day and will be spending at least two days in the Tobago Cays - crazy beautiful there.  

We currently have four 2010 47' Catana Cats and one 50' Catana which Bob, Jody and the TV crew will use. VHF, autopilot, GPS plotter, speed, depth, wind, refer, CD player (aux-in for mp3 players), electric windlass, BBQ, solar, dinghy and outboard on davits, safety gear, twin Yanmars.  Boats have a couple 12 volt receptacles for your use.  Fans and bug screens all around.  Pillows, sheets and towels provided.
Below is the 47' layout:

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