Oct 5, 2011

South Carib Tips from John B

Friend of Lats John Bugge has sent some info on his travels in the islands.  John owns and skippers a big cat down there.  He and his crew joined us on our last Carib StS and hosted a raging Texas BBQ.  It was great.  

Spending several week in the area and with 3 different groups, I found things that  all of us seemed to like best.  I did visit each island, some just to say I have been there--not much to see on some.
    Fuel, Ice and water is best at the dock Petit Carriacou  ,  O K at Bequia by barge that will come along side
    Beer about the same but cheaper and easier at Bequia they have two grocery stores blocks from the dock.
    Supplies- St Vincent at 2 or 3 different stores.--My cab ran me around to get the best pricing-----Bequia---some at-Union Island
    Bequia offers laundry service with a quick turn around --same water-fuel-ice barge or in town.
    Side trips--St Vincent the  volcano- all day and not for the non athletic and will need a guide , ; Turtle  Sanctuary in Bequia and taxi tour of the island   - 2hrs, ; Mustique Island tour - 2hrs  expensive to moore/dock - shopping ok., ; Union Island - Clifton - Happy Island- Shopping in town was good, ; Bequia - diving and introduction to diving.- one group including a master diver- 'was great'---the other group had never dived- including my 11 yr old daughter- had a very good time,  got a beginner  certification and went on a 40 ft dive- both  took around 2 hrs and Dive Bequia will pick  you up and return you to your boat- their shop is in town  with a dingy dock-they will offer a discount,;
FOOD----Bequia at Port Elizabeth in Lower Bay-  nice beach , beer and food is cheap- Bequia is a great day and over night stop, ; Canouan  South Glossy Bay- the same but prettier beach and less people- but should only be a lunch or1/2 day stop. ;  Union Island- Chatham Bay , they can save us some lobster but will need to give notice if we will be stopping and aprox. how many and when before the season is closed- season is over May 1 but they can store and serve up  2 weeks after the season, -2/12 to 3 lb lobster w/ sides for around 40 to 50 us$ for groups- great beach  /snorkeling/ ice-water-mooring balls and anchoring.
More later / questions??

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