Jan 10, 2015

Sail BVI, Sail Croatia, Sail Cuba

Thank you for checking in.  I have not forgotten to update my seven fans.  Until I figure out how to update across the board all at once ...  updates on our planned flotillas click our logo, come join us! ...

We have Sail British Virgin Islands next month.  That trip is full.  Then we have Sail Croatia in a Gulet in June, info below.  And we are ... hush, hush, planning the worlds first Sail Cuba trip for US citizens for end o' summer 2015.  Be the first to experience the wonders of Cuba.  I've been there, it's friendly and amazing.   

Personal updates on my international sailboat deliveries are here ...

 It's true, after getting kicked around the sailing magazine industry I got published again.  Blue Water Sailing sent me magazine proofs a couple months ago.  I have yet to see the issue but that is the rumor (I'm starting). 

That's right sailing/yachting friends, we are headed back to Croatia and this time in a Gultet.  What is a Gulet?  It is a big varnished wooden hulled yacht built on the beaches of Turkey and fitted out to be super plush.  Click here to see all updates ....

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