May 3, 2012

More transfer info, really?  Yep.

The base has a list of who and when for our groups arrivals.  When you go to exit the airport you
should see a couple of guys with a the list of when our people arrive.  They know where you are going.  Figure the price ahead of time and hop on the van.

We just arrived.  The transfer was 60 euros for four to their hotels,
90 euros for 5 of us, Dena and I had to come all the way to the
southern part of the island near the base.  20 minute drive. I tipped
him because he was super cool.
Max 06 96 26 03 94

Love that tropical warmth coming off the plane.  Customs was a guy
standing there to stamp our passports.  No forms, quarantine, love the
French lack of bureaucracy.  Still, we had a skipper without an
outgoing ticket who had a problem at customs.  It might have been in
St. Lucia.  Attached is a letter (mart-letter.pdf) that you can print
and bring if you are concerned about this.

It's late, I can hear all the jungle sounds outside our open slider.
Our room overlooks the bay.  I'm looking forward to waking up to some
baguette and French coffee with my tropical paradise.


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