Apr 14, 2012


 Info Request

The following info will be used to track you down, with cutlass and pistol,  if you are late to the boats.   
Some info will be forwarded to the charter base as requested.

Name(s) on your passport(s) with Date of Birth:

Passport number(s) and Country:

Incoming Flight Info
Date: Time: Airline: Flight #: Airport:

Outgoing Flight Info
Date: Time: Airline: Flight #: Airport:

Foot size(s)?  The base would like to have our fins ready.    

Will you be staying in a hotel before joining the boats?

What is the name and phone number of the hotel, if you have it?

Person at home you would like contacted in an emergency: 

*By joining our little adventure you understand that you may appear in a magazine or TV show.  Also, you understand that sailing can be dangerous and you will not hold Latitudes & Attitudes responsible, except in the case of gross negligence.    

Crew Questionnaire

The questionnaire will be used to put you on a boat with like-minded shailors. 
Hit the reply button then answer, change or remove the answers that don't apply to you.
List relevant medical conditions:  

-Do you smoke?                             [Yes]   [ No]        
-Do you drink?                               [Never]                 [The odd glass of wine with dinner]

[Afternoon cocktails, out by 2200]            [Bloody Mary for breakfast after clubbing 'til late]

-Do you expect to          [Read]                  [Nap]                    [Hike]                   [Swim]                  [Party]

-Since this is a "Share the Sail" which parts of the adventure would you prefer to "Share" in?

[Hoisting sails and anchoring]                    [Helming]           [Cooking]             [Pillaging]

Essay questions:

-What other stuff would you like to do while on this trip?

-Briefly, what is your sailing experience, if any? 

-Other comments, expectations:

Non-preferred option, mail in:
Latitudes & Attitudes
c/o Woody
PO Box 668
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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