Mar 25, 2012

Arrival Base Info - Le Marin Martinique

Le Marin 

Base details:
Customer Service: Eva Treiber E-mail :
Marina du Marin - Ponton N°4
Dream Yacht Caribbean
Port de Plaisance du Marin
Boulevard Allègre
97290 Le Marin - Martinique

How to get there: 
International flights
3 Companies offer direct flights from France (Air France - Air Caraïbes – Corsair)

It can be organized by the base.  Tell them you are with Latitudes & Attitudes.  Email:
Airport Taxis:                              Tel 05-96-42-16-66.
Martinique Taxis 24h / 24:           Tel 05-96-63-63-62.
Radios Taxis Services 24h / 24:   Tel 05-96-63-10-10.

16 showers, 18 toilets & 12 sinks are available every day from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Several restaurants nearby.
Commercial centres Supermarket: CHAMPION, 3km from base; LEADER PRICE, 3km from base; ED, 300 m from base; Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 8am to 8pm and Sunday 8 am - 12am

Master & Visa credit card are accepted.  On southern islands, local currency is "Biwi" (Caribbean dollar); euros & US$ are accepted.

Call from Martinique to France: You just need to dial the number of your contact (home or cellular). There are no special numbers to add.
Call from France to Martinique: You dial the 10 figures of your contact 0596 xx xx xx ou 0696 xx xx xx. Call from abroad: you have to add international code 596 for home phones +596 596 xx xx xx or for cell phones +596 696 xx xx xx.

Cyber cafés: They are widely spread in Martinique.
Wifi: Marina of Le Marin is equipped with Wifi network. Contact Harbour master’s office to know how use it.

Things to know: 
With « Biwimen » you have to bargain and pay either in dollar or in Euros. (“It’s part of the game”). - Only soft bags - No suite case (rigid suite cases are too cumbersome)

Some boat info:
Boats are totally equipped for charter and inventory includes the following among others : Engines, dinghy and engine, bed linens - towels (beach-bath-hand), GPS, automatic Pilot, am/fm Radio, CD player with outside loudspeakers, snorkelling equipment, navigation equipment: (log, sounder, speedometer, wind indicator anemometer)

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