Jan 29, 2012

Round Trip Martinique Option

I've condensed the last two emails:

Option B:  Some of the boats will be heading north to Martinique toward the end of the cruise and others will continue to cruise the islands near St. Vincent on the original schedule.  The best part?  You decide which you'd like to do.  I will ask you to confirm in April when I do the Crew Questionnaire and More Info emails.  

Of course you will want to book air sooner.  If you are flying out of St.Vin SVD, you can book on the original schedule.  If you are doing the Martinique option I need a couple more days.  Our Dream rep is headed to the Chicago boatshow and will get back to me soon on the extra day.

If you are considering the return to Martinique option:  My day job is delivering boats.  I've moved cats upwind from Cannes to the Canaries and from Panama to Canada.  Upwind in a cat is not comfortable for everyone.  They are stiff and creaky.  Even in a little chop they bang when a splash hits under the cabin (sounds like you've got a midget with a sledgehammer down there).  And we've got two 45 mile motorsails to do.  In the most likely conditions, these are up early, arrive in the evening, rockin' and rollin' adventures.

On the upside, the boats are designed for these conditions.  And we will be in a lee much of the time (an island to windward knocking down some of the swell).  It is possible if unlikely ... one or both of these sails could be glorious, fast beam reaches.  Please plan for bumpy though.  

We have a hilarious group.  I got emails from all over the place.  For once you were entertaining me.  I could see the gears turning on how to make this work.  Lats readers being who they are, looked at this as a challenge more than an obstacle.


Other details:
-Shailors would have a simpler Martinique FDF round trip airfare to book.
-There is ferry service from St. Lucia to Martinique but not from St. Vin to St. Lucia.  

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