Jan 14, 2012

Flights ... part II

Flight Tips

This update is just for flights.  If you have booked air and are looking for accommodations, tripadvisor.com shows tons of rooms in all ranges on all islands.  Still, I'll meddle and give my input some time this month.  March/April will be What to Bring and Crew Questionaire for boat placement and other fun cruise related info.

Because of it's exotic nature, this StS has some travel challenges.  My tips focus on using San Juan, Puerto Rico as a starting and ending point for the Caribbean portion of our flying.  San Juan has an international airport serving the rest of the US and Canada.

Flying in pre StS should not be a problem.  American Airlines has a direct flight to Martinique (SJU-FDF).  It arrives late at night but gives you all day to get to San Juan.  Fly in on May 4 and get a room or arrive on the 5th and sleep on the boat.  We'll leave the light on.

Another option from Don Z is to fly into St. Lucia, enjoy some land cruising there, and then take the ferry across to Martinique.  You will want to confirm they offer a one way option and advanced booking.  Channel Shuttles 758/451-8161channelshuttles@candw.lc  or  L'Express des Isles 758/456-5022   express-des-iles.com/

-Charter flight option was cancelled-

All of this information is going to my travel agent.  The girls will be able to help you book and keep track of the details of your trip.  I'll get their contact info to you when they're up to speed.

Captain Woody

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